Cambridge Core - Elenco titoli

Biblioteca "E. Tarantelli"

(i titoli sono visibili online solo fino al 2014)

  1. European journal of sociology/Archives européennes de sociologie
  2. Behavioral and brain sciences
  3. British journal of political science
  4. Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS)
  5. Canadian journal of political science
  6. Comparative studies in society and history
  7. Econometric theory
  8. Economics and philosophy
  9. Environment and development economics
  10. Financial history review
  11. International journal of middle east studies
  12. International labor and working class history
  13. International organization (IO)
  14. The Journal of economic history
  15. Journal of latin american studies
  16. Journal of public policy
  17. Journal of Southeast Asian studies
  18. Journal of the royal asiatic society
  19. Modern Asian studies
  20. Perspectives on politics/APSA (American Political Science Association)
  21. Political Science & Politics/APSA (American Political Science Association)
  22. The American political science review/APSA (American Political Science Association)
  23. Review of international studies
  24. World politics